PS Plus Monthly Game Update (June 2023)

Hey Gamers, it’s PS Plus mid-month update time. We Will show you gameplay from all the PS plus extra and premium catalogue games added in June 2023.

List Of PS Plus Extra Game List:

Far Cry 6

Ps plus Monthly Game june 2023

Far Cry 6 Is Coming To PS Plus Extra On on Tuesday 20 June. The First Person Open World Shooter Takes Us To Yara A Place-Based In Cuba In Real Life And In Good Old Far Cry Tradition. We Are Tasked With Freeing The Country From The Grips Of A Dictator This Time It’s Anton Castillo Played By Everyone’s Favourite Bad Guy From Breaking Bad. We Joined The Guerrilla Fighters And Use Anything We Can Get Our Hands On To Push The Resistance Forward. The Fangs For Higher System Returns From Far Cry 5 With A Crocodile, A Crawl Or Even A Sausage Dog In A Wheelchair As A Companion This Story Has Callbacks To Other Games In The Series And Ultimately It’s A Great Game That Takes Over 20 Hours To Finish.

Deus Ex mankind divided

Ps plus Monthly Game

In The Deus Ex Mankind Divided, We Play As Adam Jensen A Human With So Many Augments. It’s Tough To Know If He’s Man Or Machine And Throughout The Game, We Add To That Biotechnology To Build A Character With Skills That We Prefer Hunting Down Generic Bad Guys and Approach Each Mission In Many Ways Like Maybe Going In Unnoticed. Could You Get To The Roof Without Being Seen Or If You Prefer Guns Blazing Through The Front Door Mankind Divided Lets Us Constantly Evolve Our Character To Be The Perfect Agent.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge Is A Classic Style Game That Was Popular In Arcades In The 1980s And 90s. Playing As One Of The Four Turtles Or Their Allies In Co-Op Play We Side Scroll Our Way Through. The Foot Clan And Take On A Boss At The End Of Each Stage. From Bebop And Rocksteady Through To The Techno Drome, It’s A Short Game And Perfect For Gamers Young And Old. Each Character Has Unique Abilities And Prefer Different Ranges In A Brawl. You’ll Have This Done In A Few Hours But Completeness Will Take About 15 Hours In Total.

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Rogue Legacy 2

In Rogue Legacy 2 We control a knight who explores a procedurally generated dungeon in pursuit of treasure and challenges Rogue Legacy. as its name suggests is a roguelike as should we fall in battle. the character is gone forever and we return to the start of the game luckily. we have a child to take over and that becomes a mechanic our ancestors, continue our life’s objective and any permanent upgrades are handed down from father to son from mother to daughter

My Friend Peppa Pig

My Friend Peppa Pig Is Basic Light Hearted Game. That Everyone Should Play After High Intense Combat Game.


Inscription becomes and believes us the twists and crazy changes won’t be spoiled by us right now if you enjoyed slay the Spire this will take your expectations to a brand new level just don’t spoil it for yourself go for it plays it average review score 8 out of 10.

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