Now Play GTA 5 For Free!!!

No, We Are Not Jocking... Recently Xbox Game Pass Has Announced  Serval Games Which You Can Play With Your Game Pass Subscription.

On Wednesday, Grand Theft Auto 5 made a comeback on Xbox Game Pass to launch the upcoming month's lineup of titles for subscribers. Others are the dinosaur-shooting Capcom game Exoprimal and the 2013 Double Fine adventure The Cave.

From January to May 2020 and from April to August 2021, GTA 5 was a part of Xbox Game Pass. Rockstar's open-world criminal epic is only accessible to Xbox One and Xbox Series X subscribers (both versions are available), much like the prior two runs, albeit it can be cloud-streamed to mobile devices or a PC.

Exoprimal will launch simultaneously on PC and Xbox Game Pass on July 14. It's a multiplayer-only game with PvE and PvP components, somewhat channelling Capcom's other outrageous dinosaur bulletfest, Dino Crisis. Players choose one of many class-based exosuits to take on the T-Rex because they need enough of protection against the lizards' razor-sharp pointed teeth.

The Cave, which launches on console and the cloud on July 18, is a narrative adventure that was made by Ron Gilbert, the creator of the venerable Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion games. Players select a group of three explorers from a total of seven to explore the enigmatic underground chambers.