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Resident Evil 9 Coming Soon Before We Expected. As We all know Capcom is killing it with the Resident Evil franchise – Resident Evil 4 remake, millions of sales for Resident Evil 8 Village DLC, the Rose Winters DLC, 5 absolute fire, bringing some of the more horror elements from Resident Evil 7 into the DLC, and now the Resident Evil 4 remake is out. All the eyes are on the next Mainline game, Resident Evil 9. So, we all know that Resident Evil 9 will be the final game in the trilogy that started with Resident Evil 7. It is called the Winter’s Story.

Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 focused on Ethan Winters. Resident Evil 8 DLC gave us Rose Winters, and even though those characters might not be playable or the main protagonist (Ethan can’t be, of course), their story will continue and end in Resident Evil 9. We have some information regarding that. According to some insiders, “Resident Evil 9 will mainly focus on Chris Redfield”, and it makes sense too.

You know, the reason We liked is how personal the story became, and yes, there is an overarching story with Megamycete and all the villains involved in Resident Evil 7 and 8, but it was mostly from a perspective of a down-to-earth personal story from Ethan’s perspective, right? And in the DLC, yes again, an overarching story gave more light to the lore and whatnot, but it was, again, personal. It was personal to Rose because of Ethan Winters, her father, and as a player, you know we’ve played Resident Evil 8 and 7 as Ethan, so it was personal to us as players.

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So,  if we are continuing Ethan’s storyline, it makes sense for it to be revolved around Chris Redfield. We would not mind a time jump and have his story get a satisfying conclusion as the other characters have, and you know, finally put this storyline to bed. It will become the best Trilogy in the Resident Evil franchise. We can also, through Chris Redfield, bring some of the elements of the lore from the first Resident Evil, and there are other rumours going around. The children Valentine might have some sort of cameo or a little bit of a role in Resident Evil 9. Well, to be honest, that was a long time ago, and I mean a very long time ago. It had more to do with another game to remake, so we don’t know if it is about that game or Resident Evil 9, but even if it is, I think it makes sense. It’s the final game in the trilogy. I think cameos left, right, and centre would absolutely work.

Now, Dusk Gollum, of course, again, a prominent Insider, has revealed that Capcom is currently planning Resident Evil 9 to drop in 2025 with an announcement next year in 2024. As we all are aware, production on Resident Evil Online started a long time ago, so it makes all the sense in the world. The game is not going to be announced at all this year in any event. It is slated to announce mid-next year with a release of mid-2025, so we’re just gonna have to wait and see on that aspect. It makes sense, so one would wonder, okay, are we gonna get anything next year in terms of an actual game, in terms of an actual remake, possible, possible, you know, there are Resident Evil 5 remake theories and Resident Evil 6 remake theories, but even those are going to be a while if they were to happen.

That would leave us with games like Resident Evil Veronica or Resident Evil Outrage. We don’t know why Capcom is still holding off on those, but with Resident Evil 4 out of the way, I think the path is kind of sort of clear for that at the moment. They’ve been doing one remake, one mainline game, one remake, one mainline game, so it kind of makes sense for it to go first, and then a Resident Evil 5 or 6 or whatever remake. We don’t know. Let Us know your thoughts and theories on this In the Comment section.

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